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We aim to have a membership that represents everyone in Lambeth.

As a member, you can vote in our polls, get discounts with local businesses, and win vouchers for taking part in our research, decision making and training. You can also gain access to exclusive events and personal development opportunities.

Plus, we offer openings for training, work experience and apprenticeships, which you’ll automatically be the first to hear about via our newsletter.

So, by becoming a member, you’d not only be helping to make a positive impact on Lambeth’s next generation — you’d also be gaining lots of opportunities.


Can I become a member?

If you’re over 5 years old and live, work or study in Lambeth — then yes! We have two types of membership — community members and youth members — and we work with them slightly differently to get the best results.

Get involved

If you’re interested in becoming a member, and taking part in the process of deciding how we spend our money in Lambeth, contact us by email or tweet us;

Become a member!

As of the 25th May 2018, Young Lambeth Cooperative will only contact you if you agree to keep receiving emails from us. We'd love to keep you updated on all our projects, achievements, opportunities and events. If you'd like for us to keep you informed, please sign up.