YLC Voting Members

Dear Colleague, 

As most of you know the YLC is winding down and will cease trade at the end of its natural contracting period on September 30 2019. 
We are doing an audit of our membership base so that we can update our register of voting members. If you consider yourself to be a voting member of YLC, please register your information here on this short form.  
If you are a voting member you will have previously signed up as such, and can vote in YLC decisions, for example selection of auditors at our AGM. If you have not previously signed up, but would still like to do so, then you can register in the same link.

Please note: If you DO NOT complete this form you will not be added to our updated voting members list. Click here to register yourself.

This data is purely for our records and will not be shared with any third parties without your prior explicit consent.
Very best,
The Team at YLC 


YLC is closed as of the 30th of Sept, 2019.

Thanks for all your support!

YLC ex-team.

Dear YLC Member,

A warm welcome to this year’s summer’s activities programme, funded and fuelled by Lambeth Council in partnership with YLC, Lambeth Youth Council and our brilliant 2019 cohort of Young Commissioners.