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Following its success the YLC are now offering more training packages including; the initial training for those who missed out the first time, a level two for those who completed the earlier training and would like enhanced training around LGBT friendly policies, online safety and understanding of terminology.


Level 1

Level 2/p>


For the first time ever we are also offering free and subsidised packages for any groups working with young people across Lambeth delivered by Metro and Mosaic LGBT Youth Club. If you are a school, youth club, sports club etc and are interested please get in touch by emailing tom.cunningham@younglambethcoop.co.uk.

Summer Activity Plan 2019 Invitation to Tender and Commissioning Statement. You will also find examples application forms for both funding streams – (Summer Link Up including SEND and Creative Skills; Making Summer Memorable).

In January the YLC offered two days of LGBTQ training for youth workers, managers and staff run by Mosaic Youth Club. The general feedback received was the training had been helpful, straightforward and left attendees feeling more confident working with LGBT young people.

On Monday 3rd December 2018, two members of the Lambeth Youth Council, Rianna and Raven, attended this exciting event.