08 Aug. 2017 by Editor
  Job Vacancy: Non Executive Director OVERALL PURPOSE
27 Jun. 2017 by Editor
It’s your future, be proactive, don’t just search the internet, meet employers, attend the workshops and find which career path works for you.     This free Careers /Education event, will feature live vacancies and offer a broad range of careers/education advice and workshops.     Looking for career choices?  
14 Jun. 2017 by Editor
YLC Young Commissioners recently went Go-Karting at Oasis – what a great day out! To become a Young Summer Assessor, email info@younglambethcoop.co.uk to sign up for the training. It’s open to 11-19 year olds and we’ll be doing more fun trips like this! Anyone over 21 who shares the YLC's aims and values
20 Feb. 2017 by Editor
Join the fight to close the gap Lambeth has gone through many changes in recent years, some popular, some less popular. Official figures show our population is growing, employment figures appear to be rising and our school children continue to achieve improving exam results. Despite this growth, Lambeth remains one of the most deprived areas of the country – Lambeth is the 8th most deprived borough in London and the 22nd most deprived in England.
14 Feb. 2017 by Editor
We have launched our new Targeted Youth and Play programme of services for children and young people. As an organisation we aim to empower young people to make decisions about their local community and our members shaped the commissioning process to decide on the outcomes they wanted from their youth and play services and chose from shortlisted applicants.
28 Nov. 2016 by Editor
Back in 2012, local adults and young people joined forces with the Council to develop a new way of working to give communities more of a say on play and youth services in the borough. It was agreed that local people wanted more power and more involvment in deciding how money was spent and the way services could be run. It was from this principle that the Young Lambeth Co-op (YLC) was born. Anyone over 21 who shares the YLC's aims and values
28 Nov. 2016 by Editor
The Lambeth Youth Mayor and Youth Council are looking to fund activities and programmes that represent their manifesto pledges. Anything from sports and fitness, arts, careers training and education, learning experiences and especially projects led by young people. To apply for some of this funding for a project you are currently running or hope to run CLICK HERE Anyone over 21 who shares the YLC's aims and values
28 Nov. 2016 by Editor
Would you be interested in volunteering as an Assistant Editor Collecting content for YLC's online magazine? This is a great opportunity to gain work experience and still keep up with personal life and studies! There are also opportunities for anyone of any age to write short articles for the magazine on your chosen subject. If you are interested please also get in touch! Contact chloe.thorogood@younglambethcoop.co.uk
01 Jun. 2016 by Editor
  LONDON – 24th May 2016: Young people in Lambeth are in for an exciting summer of outdoor adventures, bike building, costume creation and much more.
29 May. 2015 by Editor
Would you like to join our podcast? Are you interested in music? Do you like discussing music? Well, we’re looking to start a new monthly podcast where we can discuss whatever music you’d like to discuss!
22 Dec. 2014 by Editor
Become a YLC crew member for your chance to help run the YLC. As a cooperative our members help run the organisation so we are inviting all members to join a YLC crew team to help run different parts of the organisation from communications and marketing to more managerial tasks.   We have 4 different teams and the good news is you can join as many as you like.  Marketing team
05 Nov. 2014 by Editor
We are excited to announce our next YLC members' opportunity and this one is for all you techies, computer whizz kids, aspiring Mark Zuckerbergs and interweb billionaires.