Looking to volunteer in a diverse, vibrant community and gain some valuable experience?

You’re in the right place! We welcome volunteers of any age willing to give up their time for the YLC. In return, we’ll work hard to uncover opportunities you’ll find rewarding and worthwhile. 

Share your skills

Lambeth is full of talented, skilled individuals with a diverse range of interests which we want to support and work with. We regularly match young people with mentors so If you’ve got some time to spare each month to help a young person to achieve their goals, please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to us with a few paragraphs about yourself.

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Help us spread the word

We want to make Young Lambeth Co-op a household name within the community but we need your support. If you have skills in fundraising, marketing or communications and a few hours to spare we’d like to work with you. By matching our needs to your skills, interests and availability we’ll develop a brief, set of objectives and outcomes for your time spent to ensure your efforts are put to the best use!

We’re looking for people to support us - either based at our Head Office in Brixton, or remotely.

Let's talk more about this…

Contact laura.bassett@younglambethcoop.co.uk

Anyone over 21 who shares the YLC's aims and values

Cooperatives include non-profit community organizations and businesses that are owned and managed by the people who use its services or by the people who work there.

A town council is a democratically elected form of government for small municipalities or civil parishes. A council may serve as both the representative and executive branch.

The current district of Lambeth was part of the large ancient parish of Lambeth St Mary in the Brixton hundred of Surrey.

Anyone between the ages of 11 and 19, or under 25 for those who use services from Lambeth Council because of a disability.